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our 18 August 2015 interim update warned ... 

Market internals remain weak and have for some time.  Aversion to risk as measured by credit spreads in the bond market have now reached levels that historically been met with significant market corrections ... in the stock market within weeks.


our members avoided significant losses...


again in our 14 December 2015  Special Timing Report we warned...


 ...our risk aversion indicators are indicating a potential market crash anytime in the next few weeks...


what Wall Street does for you ...


Wall Street ‘experts’ have missed every stock market crash in 20 years   Market Watch



Did your financial adviser warn you?  If so, keep them, otherwise keep reading.


TSP Allocation Advice for Serious & Reluctant Investors  


  No more guessing - know when to get in and out
                                                            for as low as $85 year 
                                                                                (annual renewals $75 thereafter)


  • Receive simple-to-execute allocation change e-mail alerts
  • Only requires 2 allocation adjustments per year with our lowest priced service
  • Also recieve access to at least two summary reports per year on the markets
  • Designed for all investors so you can focus on what matters in your life and not the markets




  Know when to sit out Bear markets


  • On average a new bear market begins every five years
  • The average bear market loss is 38% - the last two lost 48% and 56%
  • It takes a 100% gain to regain a 50% bear market loss
  • The financial news is most bullish at market tops and bearish at market bottoms
  • All levels of membership receive special alerts based on our market cycle indicators





  Stop the noise - focus on market leading indicators


  • Online Situation Reports – Tracking market leading indicators
  • Interim Updates – Market updates as required to market indicators and risks
  • Special Alerts – When our market indicators indicate caution and time to exit the market
  • For investors who want more information but without the noise



  Increase your trading percentages with our Almanacs




  • See the daily seasonal tendencies of your index funds with win-loss records 

                              S&P 500 index  (TSP C fund)

                              Small & Mid Cap fund (TSP S fund)

                              Fixed Income Fund  (TSP F fund)

  • Boost your returns with low risk seasonal cherry picking trades
  • We broke out the bull market years from the bear years and it changed core seasonal myths
  • For serious investors who like to make their own trades

full service for less than the price of a cappuccino a week  





It sounds crazy, but 'sell in May and go away' is good advice  29 April 2016  CNBC

It doesn't sound crazy to us.  

If you buy & hold only during the favorable half of the year for equities then sit and earn interest in safe low risk treasuries during the unfavorable half of the year, historically you would have increased your annualized returns by 2 - 4% during a 35 year career and more than double your retirement nest egg.

Consider what only two allocation adjustments per year would have gained you including during bear markets...






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