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1) Bear Market Warnings

2) Reduced exposure to stocks during the unfavorable season


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Levels of Service

Levels of Service TSPsmart 





Allocation Signals Only


We fully appreciate that many investors are not interested in the ins and outs of the market or the economy.  So we provide a lower cost service to receive e-mail alerts notifying you of allocation changes.  

We have our time-tested Seasonally-Modified Buy & Hold strategy and our recommendations on the best fund for the current year and how much you should invest in equities (and how much to keep safe).  Our Bellwether timing signal determines the best time to enter and exit equity funds each year so we miss the unfavorable season for the stock market.  

We provide e-mail alert for allocation changes or two annual market summary reports for our lowest cost service.  You will have limited access to the member's section of the website when you log on.  Our primary goal is to keep your funds safe from the larger market losses while capturing most of the annual gains.  For the last  60 years, this simply strategy significantly beat buy and hope (hold).  




Smart Investor Memberships


with Full Website Access



If you chose to become a Full Access member you will have full access to the website to include our reports, almanacs and additional updates.  You also receive the timing alerts via e-mail.  Our Current Situation Report provides a picture of key economic indications, our Bull/Bear indicator, seasonal indicators, trend analysis, market breadth and internal studies, credit spread analysis and other indicators pertinent to where we are in the stock market cycle. 


or Full Service without the Almanacs 


If you are not interested in the trading day almanacs, at a lower cost you will have full access minus the almanacs and seasonal trading guides. 






Almanacs Members





Full membership allows you access to our virtual almanacs where you can view the daily seasonal tendencies for the S&P500, the Dow Jones Total US Completion index (TSP S fund or VXF ETF) and the TSP Fixed Income fund that tracks the Barclays US Aggregate Bond index. 


You will have access to our seasonal trading guides that will help you cherry pick the historically best days to have been in or out of the market.







Low Cost 


Compare our fees to the market losses sustained in August 2015. 


We offer low fees with the desire to serve what I refer to as the reluctant investor.  Reluctant investors are those who either inherited a retirement account with their job and now find they are required to make allocation decisions or those who would prefer to bang their heads against the wall than to think about financial markets but need to invest their IRAs/401K accounts.

Compare us to other investment timing services from the perspective of costs, ease of execution and an understanding of the strategy (no black box trading signals).  For your IRA/401K plans, compare us to the hidden cost of  managed accounts and the mutual fund expenses.  The low fees of this service can quickly be recouped by using low expense funds and following the best strategy we found after extensive research of investment newsletters and literature that is both low-risk and easy to execute for broad index funds.






Sometimes the simplest solution really is the best solution...



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